As we’ve seen from the news over this past week, many were caught up in the hurricane, and many did not have insurance that suited their needs. This is the case for many people because a natural tendency when purchasing something that pays money for a future event is to weigh the cost against the …

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A Tax-Smart Way to Leave Money to Charities and Your Family

“In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” Death may be a certainty, but some taxes actually aren’t, depending on the circumstances. The tax implications of your charitable contributions and what you leave to your heirs might not be a top concern of yours. However, it is an important thing to think about. What …

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Guiding You Through 

We continue to read articles confirming that, while it certainly is an arduous task to work for decades and plan ahead to afford a comfortable retirement, what continues to unsettle many is the actual transition into a life post-workforce. For example, concerns about losing one’s routine, the fading away of workplace friends, and confronting the …

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